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NAME: Veronica
AGE: 19
SUMMARY: Soon you will know about Verónica. She is young and sensual, spectacular to the max, a candy who will show you her sweet center... watch for her on our web.

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GINA, wild and explosive
NAME: Gina
AGE: 23
SUMMARY: You are her landlord. She hasn't paid the rent in two months and you go to ask for the money. And it happens that you find out her real job...

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NAME: Marlene
AGE: 18
SUMMARY: You've met a girl on SEX.COM.ES. And after a lot of talking you've made a date. She sent you her photo and she's gorgeous, so you'll recognize her easily...
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LAURA, your favorite waitress...
NAME: Laura
AGE: 25
SUMMARY: You´re going to have a drink with some friends in Carabanche (Madrid). You think it´s going to be a boring nigth, suddenly, a fair barmaid is comming you...
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NAME: ???
AGE: ???
SUMMARY: Soon you will know about OUR NEW GIRL.
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meet our boys and girls
meet our boys and girls

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